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performance coaching

Are you a writer who has always wanted to effectively perform your work? An open mic reader looking to step your game up to the next level? An established performer looking to elevate a specific performance?

Or maybe you've always wanted to emcee a show, or give an amazing presentation.

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, this is for YOU!

Nazelah Jamison has 30+ years of experience as a successful performer in multiple artistic disciplines: acting (theater and film), vocal/instrumental, performance poetry and emceeing. She has coached 12 poetry slam teams, and emcee-ed/performed in front of audiences ranging from 25 people to several thousands. Nazelah is now offering her years of experience as both a performer and performance coach to assist you in reaching your full potential on stage. Click here to schedule a consultation!

I. From Page to Stage: In Naz’s signature From Page to Stage process, you will be coached through everything required to transform your writing from 2-dimensional to riveting performance. You will be guided through a signature framework:

-  Taking your poem (or monologue) from the page to the mic (for beginners)
- Memorization & Familiarization
- Understanding the differences between seeing and hearing words - editing your work to be heard
- Diction & Cadence
- Performing As Communication - how to connect and communicate your feelings & intent to an audience

This package can be anywhere from 2-10 sessions, depending upon your goals, needs, and your level of experience. It can be used to prepare you for a specific performance or speaking engagement, or to build general performance skills and begin to craft your writing toward being delivered aloud.


The average session price is approximately $100, with discounts for booking a session package. We can determine the best package for you and your specific goals on a discovery call.

II. Becoming A Dope Emcee: 

Hosting a show or event is a skill. We’ve all sat in an audience and wished the emcee would just shut up, already. Don’t be that guy. As an emcee, you control the energy of the audience. If you’re flat, the vibe is flat. If you’re boring, the room is bored. Your performance as an emcee is the difference between people being rapt with anticipation for the next act, or wandering away to the bar. Nazelah has hosted literally thousands of shows, becoming a highly sought after host and emcee for live and virtual events.
In Becoming A Dope Emcee, Nazelah will peel back the curtain on all of the elements that make a great host, including…

- Creating a genuine and likable Emcee persona

- Consistency and energy - keeping the audience engaged and creating fluid and appropriate transitions
- Making friends with a crowd - how to guide audience interest, excitement, and anticipation
- It’s not about you - how to keep the audience engaged with the show, without pulling the focus to yourself

- Becoming a reliable pillar that grounds and gathers an audience between acts (even if the show itself is falling apart around you)
- Recovering the crowd after snafu’s, tech fails, and near-disasters (cuz they happen!)

- Emcee’ing virtual events - it’s different!

This program is a package of 4 sessions - 3 sessions of training and the 4th is a mock event, or Nazelah will attend a virtual event you’re emcee-ing and give you feedback.

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